About Us

About Us

Serbian Association of small and medium sized enterprises, craft shops and entrepreneurs (SA SME) is the non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization whose members are the founders of SMEs in Serbia, associated at regional and sectoral level.

The foundation of SA SME was the answer to the Strategy of the EU development from 1999/2000. The Strategy was dedicated to the regional development and to the development of SMEs and entrepreneurship and improvement of national policy regarding this sector.

Desire that our economic initiative promptly integration with European and global environment initiated by us but 2000/2001 year, to become a member of European In and international organizations and institutions, and our businessmen integrate into the global mainstream.


We proudly emphasizing cooperation with organizations which are members, these are:

OECD LEED Partners Club (World Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

UEAPME (Union of Small and Medium Enterprises EU)

INSME (World organization for the support and development of small and medium enterprises)

Becoming a full member Leed Partner OECD club we are very quickly connect, primarily with the Ministry of Industry of France, club districtta industrialists, and the commerce and industry of Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, England, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, China 2002-03 with which we begin active cooperation.

Our membership in the UEAPME (Union of Small and Medium Enterprises, craft shops and prduzetnika EU) based in Brussels and INSME‘s (World Organization for SME development) based in Rome, on mutual satisfaction and we have a lot of large joint projects development of both our company and cooperation with the European and World Associations and SMEs.

Membership in these organizations has helped the Serbia in international tendencies of globalization with significant effects on the development of entrepreneurship.


Mission: To become a leader in providing support to its members and to develop into significant collocutor in social dialogue, through reinforcement of the links between entrepreneurs, representatives of associations and governmental and non-governmental sector. To set the stage, to Serbian companies and brands, for the appearance on EU market.

Vision: To become most important national SME association with dominant and recognisable position in Serbia and Europe, that supports the development of its members. To develop into leader in advocating and defending interests of SMEs, holder of national and international support programs and projects that represents Serbian economy through several partner organization, EU and worldwide.


Promotion of business environment for SMEs and crafts, by building stimulating business environment, particularly through the implementation of the Small Business Act and Think small first principle.

• Efficacy and competitiveness promotion of Serbian SME sector

• Positioning of small and medium sized businesses on internal market and supporting their appearance on foreign markets, in the region and within EU, above all

• Directing policies, at all levels, towards growth oriented measures, assuring prosperity, stability of SME sector, at national, regional and European levels

• Assistance in business development of individuals and entire community


One of the most serious problems burdening the SME sector both in Europe and Serbia, is the access to assets for business development, as well as placement of goods on national and international markets.

In Serbian Association of SMEs, craft shops and entrepreneurs, we are clearly oriented towards modern Serbia within European Union. On our way to the EU, we wish to help our members and to assure them the access to European funds and programs. SA SME has participated in wide range of national and international projects. So far, we have organized ten international congresses related to the SME development.

We always had the status of significant collocutor of government representatives and SME sector policy makers.

We will continue, together with our members, to participate in various projects correlated to entrepreneurship promotion.

We will also pursue the lobbying in European institutions with the aim of announcing calls for proposals, in order to facilitate SMEs to obtain the access to non refundable assets from current funds.