Economic Counsil

Economic Counsil

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Aleksandar Stevanović

SASME Economic Counsil  is SASME’s organisational unit specialised in providing support services to SMEs.


To promote and put into use entrepreneurial ideas, to support the SME development, both through its programs, projects and consulting services, and thus contribute to SASME’s goals achievement.


Key activities of the Economic Counsil are as follows:

• providing consulting services to entrepreneurs, i.e. owners and managers of SMEs

• providing trainings of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be

• organising consultations, seminars, roundtables, etc

• publishing of educational material, surveys results, etc

• researches related to the tendencies in SME sector and Development and coordination of regional and local networks of educational centres in Serbia

• consulting services: elaboration of business plans, business development, support in the organisation of certain company’s functions (marketing, finances, accountancy, etc), commercialisation of new products, distribution and sales channel development, continuous market monitoring service, installation of IT systems, organisation of business negotiations, elaboration of feasibility studies, preparation of clients credit applications, etc.

• trainings: educational and instructional seminars and trainings for different categories of users, such as: trainers in regional and local education centres; owners, managers and employees in SME sector; public officers, etc.

• organising consultations, seminars, roundtables, etc, on important current subjects, presentation of performances of SASME Economic Counsil and other partner organisations

• publishing  of functional and popular materials for educational purposes; business literature (manuals, reference books, brochures, software, etc.); results of surveys conducted by SASME Economic Counsil, partner, and other consulting & research organisations

• research activities – Various researches related to the SME sector, reports, data bases development, analyses of the effects of economic and system solutions and measures economic policy on SME sector, proposing measures of economic policy, etc

• development and coordination of regional and local networks of educational centres in Serbia – foundation of centres, capacities development support, coordination, initiation of cooperation of regional and local centres with other entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial associations in local communities, support in development of local service providers, etc

Target group:

– Entrepreneurs, SME, members of SASME
– Governmental bodies and units at all levels
– Experts, professionnels, etc.