Managing Board

Managing Board

The Managing Board is an executive body of the Association that ensures that the activities of the Association are carried out in accordance with the objectives defined by these Bylaws.

The Managing Board has 7 (seven) members who are elected and discharged from duty by the Assembly.

The mandate of the members of the Managing Board lasts for 5 (five) years and they can be re-elected for the same position.

President and Vice President of the Managing Board are elected from among the members of the Managing Board.

The Managing Board appoints Secretary General and other members of executive committee.

President of the Managing Board is a legal representative of the Association and has rights and obligations to sign finance-related instructions.

In absence of the Managing Board President, Deputy President has an authority to represent the Association legally and sign financial documents and money transaction orders on behalf of the Association.


Jurisdiction of Managing Board

• coordinates activities of the Association in between two Assembly meetings and makes decisions in accordance with the defined objectives of the Association

• ensures regular operation of the Association

• distributes assignments to members

• makes financial decisions

• commences procedure for making the amendments to the Bylaws, on its own initiative or upon proposal of the founders of the Association, and prepares draft amendments which are forwarded to the Assembly for approval

• commences procedure for remuneration of damages described in Article 25, paragraph 2 of the Law on Associations and, if needed, designates a special representative of the Association for that procedure

• makes decisions on other issues which are either by the Law or these Bylaws not in domain of other bodies of the Association


The decisions of the Managing Board are valid if at least one half of the members were present; the majority vote rule applies.

Managing Board may, in writing, partial or all powers transfer to the presidency.