Members of the Association are the founders or authorised representatives of SMEs, as well as experts, consultants and other representatives of the economic and public life.
Members can be associations, unions of craftsmen, entrepreneurs and commercial and non-commercial sectors, at local, regional and national level.
We assist these associations in overcoming numerous obstacles in their everyday business activities and provide numerous benefits that would enable adjustment to the changes occurring in business environment.


Benefits for the members

• Registered user at official portal of the Association

• Representing the interests of SMEs at relevant government institutions; Providing information about all relevant events in the field of entrepreneurship

• Participation at congresses and conferences organised by the Association

• Providing information on tenders for development of SME sector, published by the authorised organs of the Republic of Serbia and tenders of the EU

• Providing information on EU tenders


Membership in the association is voluntary and according to the type enterprise and services are foreseen categories of membership.

• Members – micro companies, entrepreneurs, artisans and family businesses pay dues 5.000,00 RSD, receive regular information on activities with SMEs as well as the services specified in the letter of services

• Members – small enterprises pay an annual membership fee of 10.000,00 RSD, receive regular information on activities with SMEs as well as the services specified in the letter of services

• Members – medium sized enterprises pay an annual membership fee of 20.000,00 RSD, receive regular information on activities with SMEs and are entitled to the services specified in the letter of services.



• Services agribusiness

• Access to the Trade market of SA SME members

• Assistance in organizing similar companies into clusters, with the aim of mutual presentation at domestic and foreign markets

• Access to wide range of information

• Review and interpretation of changes in both domestic and international legislative

• Presentation of member companies on SA SME’s website, as well as on the websites of several European SME organisations SA SME is a member of

• Usage of conference halls in Belgrade headquarter and in regional boards premises

• Mutual discounts for goods and services


VIP members, pay an annual membership fee of 50,000.00 RSD, addition to the above services and the ability to receive special promotions and benefits at all meetings organized and which accounts for SMEs and other benefits according to their needs under favorable conditions.

• All above mentioned services

• Services agribusiness

• Legal services

• Accounting services;

• Linking with local and international potential partners

• Lobbying in local and international institutions

• Promotion of the members at various events SA SME participates in

• Discounts for banking and insurance services

• Consulting

• Connecting with chambers of commerce and other institutions supporting SMEs development

Other services available for all types of membership:

• Assistance with acquiring credits from banks/ development funds

• Elaboration of business plans

• Promo materials, television advertisements, promotion in all kinds of medias, with discount

• Knowledge innovation – participation in various educational programs, especially in the fields of management, business planning and HR management, with discount

• Discounts for the participation in expert meetings and usage of Association’s editions

• Discounts for the participation on local and international exhibitions and fairs

• Organising common presentations, bilateral meetings and study visits