The Presidency is the executive body of the Association, which looks after the implementation of the objectives of the association as required under this statute. Presidency of the delegation of authority from the Board for all the jobs board, which assigned to it and is responsible for the operation of the association.

The Presidency is composed of elected representatives of the Assembly or other persons with knowledge and authority can contribute to the development of the association itself and improving the business of its members.

Presidency has no restrictions to the number of members.

Velimir Vukadin

Vice president
Ivan Belajac


Member of the Presidency

Bojan Joksimovic – Luna/TBWA –
Veselin Jevrosimovic – ComTrade group –
Perica Maričić – ViaTrucker –
Robert Coban – Color press group –
Aleksandar Rados – TV Prva –
Mladen Alvirovic – SAT media group –
Branislav Tapuskovic – lawyer –
Aleksandar Rodic – Italian disign center –
Đurica Savkov – Banatski forum –
Vladimir Popović – Pizza bar –


Presidents of the provincial and regional associations of SMEs are Member of the Presidency